JEvents is an easy to use, yet intricate calendar extension for Joomla! It features events that can be placed in multiple categories, and calendar views that can be customized to show all or some of those categories. It also has one-off events and complex repeating patterns of events that can be created and viewed in an attractive calendar and a variety of list formats. Each option or modification is very easy to input or edit & it includes a lot of these, such as altering colors and design layouts. 


Click the Screenshots below to preview the JEvents Extension 


Click an upcoming event to view (1)

Detailed information about the event (2)


The below images display viewing the calendar in full view

Click 'Month' to go to full view of calendar (1)

Click 'Jump to month' to view specific month (2)

Choose specific month you wish to jump to (3)

Click 'Jump to month' button after selecting which month you wish to jump to (4)

Click specific event for which you wish to view more info (5)

Detailed information about event is placed here (6)